17 June 2005

Let it rest you fucking freaks.

Oh, for fuck's sake. Will these fucking asshole fundies and conservatives just fucking let the god damned Terry Schiavo thing rest already?

I mean, she's dead, the autopsy confirmed she had irreversible brain damage and was blind (and thus COULDN'T have shown the reactions Sen. Kitten-Killer and the fundies' pet quack doctor tried to claim), so now they're trying to start this whole fucking thing up all over again, apparently once again attempting to drag her husband through the mud.

Well, fuck you very much, Governor Bush, for continuing to try to score political points off someone's VERY personal tragedy. I don't think your God would be proud of you for this, and it saddens me that so many of your deluded co-religionists are.

07 June 2005

Jack Off.

Jack FM is starting to piss me off.

06 June 2005


This is freaking me out.


Ohmigod, is this for real?

Is homeland security propaganda now officially produced by Stalinists?