07 May 2005

People Do This?

I am SO confused. I'm not even sure what, precisely, is being banned in this article, but it appears that California has banned "hunting over the internet."

You might well ask, "WTF is 'hunting over the internet' ?" I know I did.

On this, the article is somewhat less than crystal clear, but it appears to consist of websites-- or, rather a website, that allow(s) hunters to "fire at real game with the click of a mouse."


I don't get it. Seriously. Someone please explain this to me. People actually do this? Or, at least, are interested in doing this?

Perhaps I should be less than surprised, however, by the fact that the web site in question comes out of Texas, a state which seems to produce an awful lot of people with a penchant for remote control killing.


Blogger Lily said...

sick, isn't it.

07 May, 2005 11:25  
Blogger Amanda said...

what lily said.

07 May, 2005 11:29  
Blogger dersins said...

sick...and weird...and just confusing. i mean, i am not inherently opposed to hunting, especially if you eat what you kill, but to trophy-hunt by remote control?

I just don't get it.

07 May, 2005 11:29  

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