09 May 2005

Mote Pelado

I just bought some of this. Well, not this brand, but the same stuff. I think it's the same as posole, but I'm not sure. I'm going to try to make posole out of it anyway. Hopefully that'll work. Either way, it's the biggest damn kernels of corn I've ever seen. Almost half an inch across.

I have no point here.



Blogger Lily said...

um.... no clue but since I'm guess you're making food..
check this out.

10 May, 2005 08:47  
Blogger dersins said...

yikes. next time you give me a link like that *please* tag it as "Not Safe For Lunchtime."

That was gross.

Also, very funny.

10 May, 2005 13:27  

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