05 May 2005

He's back...

I've mentioned Phoenix Suns' player Paul Shirley's blog before. Now, the good folks at MetaFilter inform me, he's back, blogging the playoffs.

And I'm just as puzzled as ever as to how a guy who writes things like:

"Fortunately for my own self-respect, I am missing whatever gene is required to do things like paint my head orange for a basketball game. I think the same set of DNA is responsible for those people who at Pearl Jam concerts scream out totally inappropriate [feces] like, “Eddie, you kick [gluteus maximus]!” (In other news, I hate exclamation points, and only used the preceding one because it was absolutely necessary. Therefore, I have used up my quota of one per month. I would like to see others adopt my rule concerning this form of punctuation.) "

...ends up in the NBA.

But, y'know, more power to him.


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