21 April 2005

Product Rotation

I've been commissioned to use my mad poetry skillz (see this post) to promote the idea of businesses featuring large, rotating representations of their product(s) on top of their buildings.

I expect to reap many, many mint juleps in payment for the following work of genius:

"Turning and Turning in the Promotioning Gyre"

A loaf of bread like a tweaked-out dervish,
Spinning like a Sufi on speed;
A giant milk carton like a lighthouse beacon,
Telling me what beverage I need.

A Cadillac car up above the lot,
Drawing all the suckers in;
A Seven-Up bottle like a great green idol,
With children worshipping "him."

Never neglect to rotate your products,
Up high in the evening sky;
Put them on the roof of your concrete warehouse,
And everyone will buy.


Blogger Amanda said...

Lightning does strike twice.
Made poetry skillz indeed.

Mint Juleps forthcoming.

21 April, 2005 19:02  
Blogger dersins said...

Merci. J'aime les juleps de menthe.

21 April, 2005 19:42  

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