25 April 2005

Anthony LaPaglia is from where?

I dunno, maybe this is common knowledge, but I had no idea that Anthony LaPaglia was from freakin' Australia.

I just always assumed he was from Brooklyn, as all his characters seem to be.

Huh. Learn something new every day, I guess.

23 April 2005

Best. Personals. Ever.

22 April 2005

This Confuses Me.

I do not understand how someone like Paul Shirley ends up in the NBA. I mean, I get that it's because he's extremely good at basketball, but I'm confused as to how someone with his writing ability, sardonic personality, etc. etc. actually ends up being that good at basketball.

It can't just be because he's tall, can it?

Anyway, I strongly advise reading his "online journal," for a perspective on the NBA that you're unlikely to have ever seen before.

Additionally, he has begun to answer readers' questions on Bill Simmons's espn.com web page.

This is great stuff, even (or, perhaps, especially) if you don't like the NBA, and I recommend it strongly for anyone who'd like a laugh.

21 April 2005

Just Another Danish Girl

Ophelia's Blog. Very clever.

As if there weren't enough reasons....

... to boycott Microsoft.

Best Slideshow Ever?

I think the terrorists may have already won.

Product Rotation

I've been commissioned to use my mad poetry skillz (see this post) to promote the idea of businesses featuring large, rotating representations of their product(s) on top of their buildings.

I expect to reap many, many mint juleps in payment for the following work of genius:

"Turning and Turning in the Promotioning Gyre"

A loaf of bread like a tweaked-out dervish,
Spinning like a Sufi on speed;
A giant milk carton like a lighthouse beacon,
Telling me what beverage I need.

A Cadillac car up above the lot,
Drawing all the suckers in;
A Seven-Up bottle like a great green idol,
With children worshipping "him."

Never neglect to rotate your products,
Up high in the evening sky;
Put them on the roof of your concrete warehouse,
And everyone will buy.

20 April 2005

Anti-Christian bigotry my ass.

Best line in this article (registration required) about anti-semitism and religious discrimination at the US Airforce Academy:

Tom Minnery, an official at Focus on the Family, disputed claims that evangelical Christians are pushing an agenda at the academy, and complained that ''there is an anti-Christian bigotry developing'' at the school.

Err... right. Almost 4000 of the 4300 cadets at the USAFA self-describe as Christian, and there's "anti-Christian bigotry" there?

That is SO fucking typical of groups like Focus on the Family: to complain that they're part of an oppressed minority, as if we've had this absolutrely endless stream of non-Christian presidents, senators and congresspeople in charge of the country for decades...

Right. Cry me a river, guys.

Little content, little people.

There will, eventually, be some actual content here.

For now, I give you a poem about little people:

Midgets are cool.
Midgets are neat.
Midgets are teeny,
From heads to their feet.

19 April 2005

Some Stuff.

[ This space intentionally left blank. ]